• Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #85860
  • Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
    Externship in EFT – Alliant International University
    Core Skills Training in EFT – Alliant International University
    EFT Summit 2017
    EFT Triage: Mastering the Bleed-outs in Couples Treatment – Alliant Intl Univ.
    EFT with Challenging Couples – Anatomy of Intimacy Couples Therapy Training
    Emotional Withdrawal – Learning to Lean In and Love Protected Partners in EFT – CCEFT
    Effectively Embracing Pursuers: From Harshness to Softenings in EFT – CCEFT
    Gaining Traction with Highly Reactive Couples – CCEFT
    Working with Highly Escalated CouplesLACEFT
    Trauma, EFT for Couples, & the Therapist: Rebuilding Shattered Attachment Together – LACEFT
    Healing Broken Bonds: EFT and the Treatment of Infidelity – LACEFT
    Attachment Injury Resolution Model – OCCEFT
    Demystifying the Softening Event in EFT – LACEFT
    The Road to Deescalation – The EFT Lab
    Stage 2 – The Road to Restructuring  – The EFT Lab Online Intensive
    Right Here, Right Now: The Power of the Present Moment – LACEFT
    Sex, Attachment, and Couple Therapy – LACEFT
    Staying in Touch: Helping Couples Connect Through Sex and Emotion – LACEFT
    Sex and Attachment Coming Together – NYCEFT
    Integrating Sex and Sexuality in Your EFT Couples’ Work – LACEFT
    Mastering First Sessions – LACEFT
    Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Intensive – Alliant International Univ.
    EFT Family Therapy: Restoring connection & promoting resilience – Anatomy of Intimacy Couples Therapy Training
    EFT with Individuals – OCCEFT
    How to Facilitate a Hold Me Tight/Let Me Go Teen Family Program – LACEFT
    Internship under Tinaz Vevaina, Certified EFT Therapist

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