About Me

ICEEFT-Certified EFT Couples Therapist

EFT Supervisor in Training

Certified Discernment Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #85860

Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

  • Healing Broken Bonds: EFT and Restoring Relationship Betrayals – Lisa Palmer Olsen and Jim Furrow
  • Healing Broken Bonds: EFT and the Treatment of Infidelity – Jim Furrow and Lisa Palmer Olsen
  • Attachment Injury Resolution Model – Karen Shore
  • EFT Triage: Mastering the Bleed-outs in Couples Treatment – David Fairweather, Leanne Campbell, Jim Furrow, Jeff Hickey, Michael Barnett, and Lisa Palmer Olsen
  • Flying through the Storm to Safe and Sound: EFT with Challenging Couples – Susan Johnson
  • Effective EFT with Highly Reactive Couples – Jim Thomas and George Faller
  • Working with Highly Escalated Couples – George Faller
  • EFT with Challenging Couples – Susan Johnson
  • EFT with Interpersonal Partner Violence: Fighting for Connection – Lieven Migerode and Jef Slootmaeckers
  • Trauma, EFT for Couples, and the Therapist: Rebuilding Shattered Attachment Together – Silvina Irwin and Michael Barnett
  • Racial Trauma and African American Men – Yamonte Cooper
  • Integrating Sex and Sexuality in Your EFT Couples’ Work – Lisa Blum and Silvina Irwin
  • Staying in Touch: Helping Couples Connect Through Sex and Emotion – Jay Sieff-Haron, Jeff Hickey, and Stella Resnick
  • Sex and Attachment Coming Together – Susan Johnson, Gurit Birnbaum, Clare Rosoman, Suzanne Iasenza, Marty Klein, Sharon Parish, Margaret Nichols, Rebecca Jorgensen, Ian Kerner, & Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • Sex, Attachment, and Couple Therapy – Alexandra Katehakis
  • The Power of Hold Me Tight Groups – Paul Aikin, Nancy Aikin, Lisa Blum, and Silvina Irwin
  • Building a Lasting Connection Online Facilitator Training – Rebecca Jorgensen and Debi Gilmore
  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), Level 2 – Lorrie Brubacher
  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) with Trauma, Levels 1 & 2 – Leanne Campbell
  • EFT for Individuals – Yolanda von Hockauf
  • EFT for Individuals – Karen Shore
  • How to Facilitate a “Hold Me Tight/Let Me Go” Teen Family Workshop – Nancy Aikin and Paul Aikin
  • Emotionally Focused Family Therapy 2-Day Live Consultation – Jim Furrow, Lisa Palmer Olsen, Kathryn de Bruin and George Faller
  • Getting Grounded in the EFT Tango – Sharon Chatkupt Lee
  • 3-Day EFT Intensive Refresher – George Faller
  • EFT Intensive – Lisa Palmer Olsen and Kathryn de Bruin
  • Learning To Trust Curiosity, Emotional Attunement, and Resonating Responsiveness First – Robert Ogner
  • Right Here, Right Now: The Power of the Present Moment – Nancy Gardner
  • The EFT Lab Online Intensive: Stage 2 – The Road to Restructuring – Jennifer Olden
  • Effectively Embracing Pursuers: From Harshness to Softenings in EFT – Jim Thomas
  • Emotional Withdrawal: Learning to Lean In and Love Protected Partners in EFT – Jim Thomas
  • 4th International EFT Summit 2017
  • The EFT Lab: The Road to Deescalation – Jennifer Olden
  • EFT Intensive – Lisa Palmer Olsen and Kathryn de Bruin
  • Mastering First Sessions – Kathryn de Bruin & Pam Solem-Weser
  • The EFT Lab Online Intensive: Stage 1 – The Road to De-escalation – Jennifer Olden
  • Demystifying the Softening Event in EFT – Brent Bradley
  • An Evening with Sue Johnson and Scott Woolley: EFT Session Consultation
  • Core Skills Training in EFT – Lisa Palmer Olsen and Kathryn de Bruin
  • Core Skills Training in EFT – Lisa Palmer Olsen and Silvina Irwin
  • Core Skills Training in EFT – Lisa Ruderman
  • Externship in EFT – – Silvina Irwin and Michael Barnett
  • Externship in EFT – Susan Johnson & Scott Woolley
  • Internship under Tinaz Vevaina, Certified EFT Therapist

Other Training

  • Uncovering Racial Trauma: Racially Sensitive Therapy for Clients of Color – Ken Hardy
  • Discernment Counseling Basic and Advanced Courses – Bill Doherty
  • Couple-Sensitive Individual Therapy – Bill Doherty

M.S., Counseling / Marriage & Family Therapy

Ph.D., Linguistics

B.A., Linguistics

Professional Affiliations